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Great experience. Brian was a terrific instructor and had a great personality. Very knowledgeable. Left Arm in Arms Training with great respect for firearms. Lots of hands on learning with different types of firearms. I loved shooting at the range after the class. My hubby and I can’t wait to go back to the range! I also very much enjoyed shooting better than my hubby! If you’re thinking of taking the LTC class, you MUST do it here! You will NOT be disappointed.

Brian was very knowledgeable as well as entertaining when it comes to firearms training and safety. Hands on training with multiple firearms continued by live fire range time made me have a great respect for firearm safety. If you’re looking for a place to take your firearm safety class, look no further. I hope to be seeing these guys in the future for their more advanced classes.

After taking the LTC course my daughter and I were so impressed that we signed up for additional courses in Home Defense, Basic Handgun and Concealed Carry.
Brian is awesome and we highly recommend him. His skill at teaching the courses makes it easy to learn. And his hands on approach helps to ensure that everyone “gets it”. It’s amazing how much you realize you need to know. If you’re looking to get your LTC or want to increase your knowledge, skills and ability this is the place!!!

What an amazing experience. Brian and Cara Lee are a great team, I have learned so much and am so hungry to learn even more and practice, practice, practice. I attended the all Women’s course because I was nervous, by the end of the class i was comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend this course for any and all who are considering their LTC.

Thanks Brian for the informative and professional LTC class. We all enjoyed it and learned a lot and will be taking further classes with you once we obtain our LTC!!

What a great class the instructor Brian is very informative. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to get your License To Carry

They are so knowledgeable and personable. I felt like I was being trained by close friends. They teach at a pace that’s great for anyone and they make sure you always feel safe. I had taken a class before but let it expire before getting my LTC. Brian and Cara gave me an experience that made me excited to get my LTC. I’d highly recommend them to anyone thinking about getting their LTC- the “hands on” is a must.

A huge thank you to Brian for helping me face my fears today! On my way to becoming a confident and safe firearm owner! 5 stars all around!!

We did the LTC class with brian and we had a great time. It was interactive and infomative. He not only gave us all the information needed, but also had us shooting and taught us proper handling ect. I left feeling confident and am excited to go back to take some of the other courses offered.

They make you feel at ease. I was always afraid of guns but they make it comfortable, with the safety, the handling of the gun, and they make you feel welcomed. Not just Brain and Cara but the whole team.

I took the first of 3 USCCA Home Defense classes today with Brian and it was well worth it. The USCCA curriculum, along with Brian’s knowledge, is helping me feel more comfortable and confident owning a firearm. The textbook is very detailed and a great reference for now and in the future. Having time on the range doing drills was invaluable and to top it all off we got some great videos of ourselves so we can continue practicing on our own. The LTC course was great but the USCCA Home Defense courses expands on what it’s like to protect yourself and your home – I highly recommend. Thanks Brian, I look forward to the other 2 classes!!

Cara and Brian are amazing! You learn so much and make you feel so comfortable! Highly recommend

me and my family absolutely loved this class..Brian was so knowledgeable about anything and everything we wanted and needed to know about firearm safety ..Brian also made the class fun and comfortable. I highly reccomend anyone thinking about taking this class with arm in arms training to take it if your serious about gun safety and/or training…thank you so much couldnt have asked for a better instructor

This class was awesome! The instructors Brian and Cara made things fun and very easy. They made sure everyone was safe and comfortable at all times. I highly recommend this class to any adult, whether you decide to own a firearm or not. The best part is, you get to shoot a semi-automatic gun at the end of class!! Thanks for all your help today!

Cara and Brian were absolutely amazing. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient and kind. They went to great lengths to make sure everyone was comfortable and that we fully understood the safety information that was explained to us. Cara and Brian truly made us feel like family. I’m excited to go back and I cannot stress how happy I am that I found them! Highly recommend!