Man Clinging to the Hood of a Speeding Car Rescued by Man with a Gun

Frankie Hernandez was on his way home after work on the Massachusetts Turnpike when he encountered something odd.

Hernandez saw a man holding onto the hood of a white SUV as it sped down the highway.

“I said, ‘This is not happening, this is only in the movies,'” Hernandez recalled. “He was going so fast. My only thought was, I need to do something to get this guy to stop.”

A US army veteran, Hernandez said his military training kicked in. He boxed in the white SUV to prevent it from continuing down the road and got out to confront the driver, taking his legally owned pistol with him as he did.

“I’m licensed to carry, so I drew my gun (and) asked the driver of the SUV to get out of the car because he was not complying whatsoever,” Hernandez said.

He held the driver in place at gun point until troopers arrived. An officer can be seen on cell phone footage moving in quickly with pistol drawn on Hernandez. The officer orders Hernandez down who then complies quickly.

Hernandez was then cuffed until officers secured the scene and began to work out what was going on.

Hernandez says he understands why the officer cuffed him,

“He has the right, he is the law enforcement, so I backed up, and dropped my gun to the side, complied to the order I was given,” Hernandez said. “I just kept my eyes on the driver of the SUV because when I laid my gun to the side, I didn’t want him to rush at me or rush at the gun.”

He was released a short time later and his Smith&Wesson M&P Shield was returned to him.

According to authorities, 65-year-old Richard Kamrowski had been in a side swipe collision with the driver of the white SUV, 37-year-old Mark Fitzgerald.

According to Kamrowski, he’d only pulled over to exchange insurance documents. However, Fitzgerald’s attorney, Mivahel Chinman, says his client is the victim.

“This was a man (Kamrowski) who had attacked Mr. Fitzgerald while he was seated in his own car,” Chinman said.

Both men blame the other for the escalation of events, but however it happened, somehow Kamrowski became trapped on the hood of Fitzgerald’s SUV, traveling at speeds nearing 70 MPH at times.

“Stop the car, stop the car. He wouldn’t stop,” Kamrowski later told Boston 25 News.

Wouldn’t stop until Hernandez stepped in with his pistol.

“I’m glad he was there,” Kamrowski said.

 Fitzgerald was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, negligent driving, and leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage, while Kamrowski was charged with disorderly conduct.

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